Here are a few shorts I've been lucky enough to get published over the last few years. There are also a few "snippets" of currently published or soon-to-be published stories with links to the publications where you can buy/read them!

Something Wet

He stood before me, a mass of dusky, baggy flesh, all squashed grape nipples and veins and arteries. The remnants of a once-healthy belly reduced to a sagging flesh bowtie that draped over what should have been his genitals, but was now nothing more than a gaping chasm of necrotic flesh stuffed with wads of yellowed gauze bandages, and framed by a swollen donut of freshly sutured skin.

After School Special

The half-man lunged, his wrists crossing the threshold, as the door slid down upon them with an audible crunch. His hands clawed and swiped at the air as Brian got to his feet and stomped at the thing's gnarled digits until it drew them clear of the threshold, and then he brought the door down completely, setting the pin in the lock.

One False Movement

The intense pain settled in that place just between his naval and his groin like a hot knife churning his insides. Every few minutes he'd pass wind; an embarrassingly loud trumpet blare that would blow out the pipes for a little while, tease him with relief, before the pressure built up again.

The Tow

Lex felt something tickling the side of his face. It felt like an ant crawling down his cheek, into the corner of his mouth. Then, when it trickled in and pooled at the side of his tongue, he could taste it; the unmistakably salty, strangely metallic flavor of his own blood. He tipped his head back and saw Carlton standing above him.

House Broken

Andrea shuffled into the dark living room, and felt her way around the furniture to the bay window. She peeled back the curtain, and leaned in toward the glass. It was too frosted over to make out much more than the distorted lights in the distance, but she stood there for a moment anyway, hoping to catch a glimpse of the man heading back up the street. Instead, she saw a blurred figure race quickly across the porch.

Midnight at the Quick n' Save

The man held his hands up before him. They looked like rancid slabs of raw meat, mottled red and purple, and coated in viscous red syrup. He stared at them with cartoonish, bulging red eyes. Whatever skin was left on his face was little more than flesh colored gelatin that oozed off of the exposed muscle and slapped against the floor, sizzling and smoking on the tile.

Death Row

Orange foam spewed forth from his mouth and nose. He hissed and spit, his arms and legs flailing against the cot and bars as he let forth a moan that was deep and pained and unearthly. In one rapid move, he flipped from his back to his haunches, his hands on the floor in front of him, his teeth bared in a snarl.

The Car Wash at the Edge of the World

Knife or not, Josh was about to grab at him again when he realized that it had suddenly become very quiet. He looked up and saw that the cars were all parked now, engines off, their respective drivers standing out in front of them and staring at him impatiently.


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