They Don't Even Try Anymore

Remember the good old days, back when e-mail grifters used to put a little more effort into their scams? You know what I'm talking about; all of those classic "419" cons where exiled royalty, political dissidents, and plain ol' charitable folk presented you with too-good-t0-be-true-yet-you-never-know offers in which total strangers would ask for your assistance in hiding or depositing thousands - even millions- of dollars in your bank account, offering you a large chunk of change for what would amount to next to no work on your part? All they needed was access to your bank account, and, in no time, you'd be diving into a pool filled with gold coins ala' Scrooge McDuck. The problem, of course, was that these excessively polite deposed politicians, princes, and philanthropists were actually computer savvy Nigerian criminals who preyed on folks ignorant enough to fall for their schemes.

I Hate Everything - Part Deux

Well, lookie here. Two blog posts in the same week? It must be a sign of the apocalypse. Is that sulfur I smell? 

Okay, so I banged out another comic strip last night. You see, I had inspiration! My wife's reaction to the first comic strip I made yesterday was so priceless (as was her reaction to a "sketch" I did of her) that I couldn't help myself. I had to make this, the second installment of "I Hate Everything". While I don't expect to keep shooting these out there at such a breakneck pace, I gotta admit, I'm really enjoying myself. Comics are such a great way to tell little stories like this, and, seeing as how my drawing style is...ahem...a bit "rustic" (ie: not particularly good) I can crank these out rather quickly, making them an ideal vehicle for

Me Make Comics!

A long time ago, in a comic book story far, far away, I dabbled in making "funny books" while sitting behind the counter of Comikazi!, a store I owned with my friend, Troy, where the only thing we didn't do was make money. It was usually quite dead, and this gave me ample time to ply my craft. I ended up self-publishing "Dog Daze", a semi-funny, semi-professional looking black and white comic book that straddled the line between Ralph Bakshi and The Family Circus. It sold a few copies, and I started working on something else, but, as is often the case, other projects took up my time and my dreams of comic book stardom were abandoned. Lately, I've found myself drawing quite a bit. I credit this to my son shoving crayons in my hands and commanding me to draw with him. I've even decided to take a stab at writing and illustrating a children's book, but, in the meantime, I've been scribbling away on my new Wacom Cintiq 12 and...well...this is the result: my first "comic" since Dog Daze. It's not very good, but I'm considering it a work in progress, and, seeing as how I draw pretty fast, I may opt to churn out these things on a regular basis. I'm also thinking of adding some of my graphic art (that's my day job) to the site,

Oh, It's July? Hello!

Hot damn, this summer's flying by! It seems like merely several weeks ago it was spring, right? Now here I am, sweaty and hungover from a weekend of drunken debauchery in celebration of the fourth of July. I had fun. Ate a lot of stuff a forty year old shouldn't eat, drank a lot of stuff a forty year old shouldn't drink, and ogled a lot of girls get the point. 

Dark Futures Available for Pre-Order! Give the Gift of Dystopia! Plus: I Suck!

Scheduled for release in the 2nd quarter of 2010, the Dark Futures anthology from Dark Quest books is now available for pre-order on their site, here: 
You should buy this for myriad reasons, not the least being that it's edited by super stud sci-fi editor, Jason Sizemore, and features a cavalcade of creative cats dishing out heaping helpings of sci-fi/horror goodness,including the insanely sexy Alethea Kontis, Deb Taber, Maurice Broaddus, Sara Harvey, Natania Barron, Paul Jessup, and your's truly, James F. Reilly.

They Like Me...They Really Really Like Me!

Okay, here's some shamelessly self-promotional back-slapping for you this A.M. Just got an e-mail from Apex Editor, Jason Sizemore, giving me a preview of the quote that will adorn the new anthology, Dark Futures, of which I am a part of! Jason sent out a few requests for log rolls, it seems, and got a doozy back from writer, Jeff Carlson (of the Plague Zone trilogy). 


“Hold onto your head! Editor Jason Sizemore loads a shotgun with futuristic stories, puts the barrel against your brain and pulls the trigger… Standouts in this sf anthology include James Reilly’s “Terra Tango 3,” Jennifer Pelland’s “Personal Jesus,” and Michele Lee’s “Meat World.” These stories are cutthroat, sinister, sometimes lonely and always disturbing.”
—Jeff Carlson, international bestselling author of Plague Zone


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