Stuff I Like

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Writing Resources:

Ralan's Webstravaganza: Horror, sci-fi, and fantasy markets. If you write genre fiction, you need to bookmark this markets page. Essential stuff!

Predators & Editors: The lowdown on sleazy agents, publishing scams, and more. Not just for writers!

Duptrope's Digest: Another essential markets listing site.

Locus Online: Sci-fi/Fantasy equivalent of Publisher's Weekly, with market news, author interviews, etc.



Apex Book Company: The home of Apex Magazine and their imprint of great sci-fi/horror books.

Cemetery Dance: Renowned horror fiction magazine.

Dark Discoveries: Quality horror 'zine. Now in color!

Tales of World War Z: Zombie fiction site.


Friends and Fellow Writers:

Jeffrey R. DeRego: Goony kaiju nerd/pal since childhood. Writer of Union Dues stories.

Jason Sizemore: Sci-fi/horror writer, editor, lover, thief. Send him jewels. He loves jewels.

Kelly Cozy: Enchanting authoress,  Horrorview contributor, practitioner of the dark arts.

Nick Kelly: Writer, musician, fashion model, high-priced male escort.


Writers I Read:

Jack Ketchum: Outrageous author of Offspring, Red, She Wakes, and loads more.

Chuck Palahniuk: My favorite living satirist and sadist.

Stephen King: The reason I started writing (badly) in the first place.

Clive Barker: The most eloquent horror wordsmith this side of Lovecraft.

J.A. Konrath: Funny, witty mystery/thriller writer whose Jack Daniels series is an addiction.

Charlie Huston: Creator of my favorite hard-boiled vampire detective, Joe Pitt.

Warren Ellis: Writer of graphic novels, comic books, and the incredible Crooked Little Vein.


Movie/Entertainment Stuff: The best horror reviews site ever. Period. Plus I run it. The funniest film blog online. I love this place.

Warming Glow: Like Filmdrunk, but for television. Good stuff. If they don't know about it, it ain't happening.

What Would Tyler Durden Do?: Hateful gossip, nipple slips, Amy Winehouse deatwatch. It's all good.

The Superficial: Another hilarious entertainment blog with a focus on camel toes and sex tapes.

Drunken Stepfather: Amateur porn, celebrity news, and misanthropy in one, tidy package.


Funny Stuff:

Cracked: The home of Cracked magazine, Seanbaby, and Swaim. Brilliant stuff.

I Fight Robots: Robert Brockway's; one of the funniest human beings on the planet.

Ugliest Tattoos: A gallery of shameful tattoos, with hilarious commentary.

Photoshop Disasters: The wonderful world of design gone awry.

Fail Blog: A gallery of fail, from ill-advised stunts to general human ignorance.




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