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Many moons ago, I dabbled in drawing. Actually, I drew quite a bit, but, as I got older and supplies grew more expensive (ie: I got bored with it), my illustrating career took a backseat to my writing (which, in turn, took a back seat to music). Recently, however, I got myself a nifty pad to scribble on, thus inspiring my not-at-all-anticipated return to comics! Here's my most recent output, including the insanely unpopular I Hate Everything; a new comic read by literally dozens of people Facebook profile. Anyway, there's a few of 'em here, so dig in and share 'em with someone you love!


I Hate Everything #1

I Hate Everything #1





I Hate Everything #2

I Hate 2





I Hate Everything #3

I Hate 3







I Hate Everything #4

I Hate Everything #5

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