Yeah, THAT Was a Productive Month!

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Wow, sorry about that. Really, I am. I didn't realize it'd been so long since I last blogged (or, for that matter, wrote anything other than movie reviews, period). You see, while I masquerade as a writer, I'm actually a web designer/SEO geek, and, as Aldo says in Inglourious Basterds, "Bidness is a boomin'." Had a few projects to get done and, before I knew it, it was almost March! Zoiks!! 


So what have I been up to? I mean, besides being up to my eyeballs in PHP, CSS, SEO, ADD, DDT, and, on occasion, good ol' fashioned THC? Well, not a whole heckuva lot. I think I burned out my retinas from staring at the computer screen for 18 hours a day, and I've been managing about four hours of sleep a night. In the "dead time", I've watched a few movies, including the surprisingly depressing "2012" (spoiler: everybody dies), and the surprisingly not-a-steaming-pile-of-feces, "Sorority Row". Of course, at my age, I welcome the chance to look at nubile young women in lingerie any time I can, so the film could have literally been two hours of just that and I would've given it thumbs up.


Yes, 40 is a miserable age. Too old to be taken seriously by women, too young for them to give me sponge baths. 


My son keeps me busy, too. Busy in the sense that he'll fling himself out of a window if you don't literally sit on him to prevent him from doing so. It seems that, at 18 months, he's discovered the excitement of the daredevil lifestyle, but with zero comprehension of its downside - ie; death.


He also loves kissing electronic devices, "taste testing" dust bunnies, and not chewing before he swallows, which adds a palpable level of suspense to dinner time. I love the kid to pieces. Best thing that ever happened to me. But, boy howdy, babies are a stupid lot.


So, yeah, not really much going on here. I hope to get some fiction done in March. Jason Sizemore, of Apex Magazine fame, asked if I'd like to contribute to the blog over at his site (which I will, but I'm really sort of struggling with what to write about since it seems I tend to write about nothing. This "blogging" vexes me).


Then again, seeing as how Battlefield: Bad Company 2 comes out next week, I'll probably not do much of anything for six months. I'll see you then! 

anxiously awaiting...

a new blog!!!  You skipped March!!!!

I'm Rubbish!

Yeah, sadly I've discovered I completely SUCK at blogging. Actually, I suck at a lot of things, but blogging I'm especially bad at as it requires me to adhere to some sort of schedule; something I've spent the better part of my life desperately trying to avoid. I've been thinking I may just start posting things that make me laugh or things that make me mad, and just let those things explain themselves. Either that or post videos of interpretive dance. 

wholeheartedly agree. But I

wholeheartedly agree.
But I thought 40 was the new 30 or some such crap like that?

No, 30 is the new 28 and 40

No, 30 is the new 28 and 40 is the new 16! Don't you read??

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