They Like Me...They Really Really Like Me!

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Okay, here's some shamelessly self-promotional back-slapping for you this A.M. Just got an e-mail from Apex Editor, Jason Sizemore, giving me a preview of the quote that will adorn the new anthology, Dark Futures, of which I am a part of! Jason sent out a few requests for log rolls, it seems, and got a doozy back from writer, Jeff Carlson (of the Plague Zone trilogy). 


“Hold onto your head! Editor Jason Sizemore loads a shotgun with futuristic stories, puts the barrel against your brain and pulls the trigger… Standouts in this sf anthology include James Reilly’s “Terra Tango 3,” Jennifer Pelland’s “Personal Jesus,” and Michele Lee’s “Meat World.” These stories are cutthroat, sinister, sometimes lonely and always disturbing.”
—Jeff Carlson, international bestselling author of Plague Zone


Now, why am I sharing something like this? Well, I'll tell you why! It makes me damned happy, that's why! And, besides, it's my blog. MINE! MINE! MINE! If I want to massage my ego, I'll do it, damnit. It's also cool because it's literally the first time I've seen my name in any one of these sorts of quotes. Heck, I'm not usually even mentioned in the bloody reviews of the books I've been in, or, if I am, it's in the "other stories include..." capacity. This is the sort of thing I need as I'm an incredibly insecure person, and thrive on praise and pleasing others. 


Yes. It's quite sad.


I'm actually really surprised about this story, to be honest, as, while I can see how it would prove moderately entertaining to zombie nerds such as myself, I certainly didn't consider it a standout , especially considering the talent amassed  by the illustrious Mr. Sizemore for this anthology. Here's to hoping the rest of the readers enjoy it as much as Mr. Carlson, did!  Then, maybe, I can get that built in swimming pool filled with hundred dollar bills I've always wanted.


Wow!  How exciting!  Congrats!

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