I Hate Everything - Volume Three

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I actually finished drawing this one last week, but never got around to coloring it in. I hate to color. I can't stay inside the lines. It's always been this way. I like to think it makes me a rebel, but it's probably some sort of developmental disability. That's okay. That makes me special.

Speaking of special, there's nothing special about this particular strip save for the fact that it's true, and my friend, Jeff, and his wife, Cindy, are currently battling breast cancer together (well, Cindy's the one with the breasts, but you get what I mean). The prognosis is very good, and that makes me happy. Still, the fact that they have to go through something like this while some truly evil folks out there are rewarded with great health

and lots of money (I'm looking at you, everyone who works at A.I.G.!), well, it makes me sick. Yes, I realize it's not very P.C. of me to wish cancer on someone, but, thankfully, I'm not P.C.. Besides, I'm not wishing it on anyone, I'm just suggesting some alternative targets for future reference! So, without further ado, click here for the next installment of I HATE EVERYTHING!

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