Happy Halloween! Hope You Like Hypothermia!

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Wow, this year has flown right by, eh. One day I'm posting a blog and the ground is covered in snow, and, here I am, nearly ten months later, posting again for the first time since January, and the ground is, once again, covered in snow. Well, sort of. Now it's more of a gray mush. But still, it's snow, and it's only October! Two days before Halloween! It dropped to 29 degrees last night, and the forecast is for extended periods of sadness followed by months of malaise. Next time someone tells you seasonal depression doesn't exist, slap them across the face with a bag full of Prozac. It's real...all-too-horrifically real.


I now hate winter more than anything. When I was younger, I hated the heat, but, as my body's aged, and every inch of me creaks and groans like an old wooden chair, I've learned to love the soothing, healing warmth of summer - even the triple digit days we had during this past summer's heat wave. Ahh, how I miss that scalding heat - that suffocating air and dangerous levels of ozone. Sigh.


Why haven't I been blogging? Have I given up writing? Where did I leave my keys? These are just some of the questions that no one has asked me.


I haven't given up writing in the least. I write every day! I write so much that I don't have the energy (or words) to blog about it. Between my gig at Horrorview.com and working on a script, I'm churning out at least a thousand words a day or more. I still don't know where my keys are, though.


What's that? A script you ask? Yes, I've decided to write a script for a film idea that's been bouncing around in my head for a few months, now.  You see, I've once again been bitten by the "directing bug". I even went so far as to buy a shiny new DSLR camera to make my movie with. Now I just need to finish this script, and see if it's still plausible for me to make on my own dime (literally a dime, as I've no money to speak of). Then I'll need to recruit a small army of volunteers, from crew folk to actors, find an adequate location, and bring this thing to vivid, micro budget life. Can it be done? Sure! Will it be done?! Errr...maybe. But I'm having fun trying.


The nifty bonus about this camera thing  is that, while playing around with it, I've rekindled my love of photography - something I used to do quite a bit of of back in my (community) college days. Of course, back then, we used film and darkrooms and volatile chemicals that got you high/gave you cancer. Nowadays, all the magic happens inside this magnificent little digital box. No more film, no more chemicals, no more risk of spontaneous combustion. I've been taking pictures of just about everything and everybody. Most of the shots are rubbish, but there are a few decent ones mixed in there - enough to give me confidence that my "eye" is still there - I just need to train it a bit more. 


So, yeah, my first blog entry in nearly a year, and it's not a particularly exciting one, I realize. I'm thinking I'll be using this space more, though, as both a place to share some pictures, highlight some of my recent reviews over at Horrorview.com, and just rant about the banalities of my existence at least until I start churning out some actual horror fiction again.



Now I've got to get the energy up to take my poor kid out trick-or-treating in his Superman costume tomorrow. A costume which no one will see as he'll be bundled up in a snowsuit, hat, and gloves.


I'm thinking of bringing along a harpoon and a dead seal and  just telling people he's dressed as an Inuit. 

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